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The art of managing tricky office relationships

You need to be doubly careful when it comes to handling workplace ties, since both the relationship with colleagues and your career is at stake. Here is how you can negotiate difficult office relationships that could otherwise prevent you from … Continue reading

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Avoid These Productivity Drags

So, we received this email recently and decided to share it with our readers. Thanks to the email sender – you know who you are 🙂 Being productive isn’t easy, regardless of how badly you’d like to be and how … Continue reading

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The turning tide – startups gaining currency in the talent market

Source: The Economic Times – November 11, 2014 While 39% organisations lost top talent to start-ups in just the past 6 months, overall, 45 per cent of companies surveyed agreed that they had lost their choicest & top talent to … Continue reading

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10 easy tips for conflict resolution

  We received these tips in an email and are not sure of the source. However, the tips are sensible and easy to follow and definitely worth sharing with you. One of the most common and frustrating impediments to  productivity … Continue reading

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Fight, flight or fess up? How to deal with making a mistake at work.

When Ariana Gupta (name changed), a star performer with an financial services firm, made a goof-up in her research report, she was initially tempted to run away and hide. Instead, she recovered by communicating the mistake and charting out the … Continue reading

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Cost-to-company (CTC)? Income Tax? Taxable Income?? (Video)

So, we were waiting for a client at a coffee shop and happened to overhear a young man at the next table speaking with his friends regarding his first job. Naturally, being newly employed, he was excited about the work … Continue reading

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Quick Tips – Ace Your Job Interview

As a jobseeker, you put in countless hours cutting, pruning and refining your CV. You also spend an equal amount of time hunting down openings, networking and applying for jobs. And finally, your effort bears fruit in the form of … Continue reading

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