Quick Tips – Ace Your Job Interview

interviewAs a jobseeker, you put in countless hours cutting, pruning and refining your CV. You also spend an equal amount of time hunting down openings, networking and applying for jobs. And finally, your effort bears fruit in the form of that elusive job interview. It is important to know that everything leading up to the interview is simply the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Unless you manage to rock the personal interview(s), your efforts will come to naught.

But, you can stop fretting over it. We have listed 5 quick tips which will help you set the stage for a rocking interview. Most of these might be obvious but do let us know if they work for you.

Quick tip  # 1
Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the interview.
This will give you extra time just in case you run into traffic or cannot find the interview location. If neither of these things happen, it still looks great to the employer that you’ve made the extra initiative to arrive early.

Quick tip # 2
Dress right. Casual doesn’t cut it.
Pick out a professional outfit, no matter where you have applied. If you have been previously told it is a “casual environment” and are searching through jeans – think again. There will be several people interviewing with you. If one person out of the four dress up, they will be the most memorable. Be that person!

Quick tip # 3
Make extra efforts during the interview.
Bring a notebook with your CV and extra sheets of paper with you to lay out in front of you while you are in the interview. Take notes while they are telling you about benefits, hours and the basics of the company.

Quick tip # 4
Body language is important.
Keep eye contact. The employer needs to know he’s engaged you. Control your hand movements because excessive gesturing distract from what you are saying and dilute your impact.

Quick tip # 5
Be prepared with questions.
At the end of the interview, they might ask you, “Do you have any questions?” Always have questions prepared. Asking questions at the end of the interview shows the employer your interest in the company and the job itself.

Do you have any more quick, common sense tips which can help smoothen the road during an interview?

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