Startup Hiring – Mistakes You Might Tend To make

For startups, hiring remains a perennial problem area. If you are an entrepreneur and are looking to hire for your startup, there are some mistakes which you need to avoid. The Power of Ideas website from Economic Times has listed the top 10 mistakes in startup hiring. Reproducing the list below:

  1. Hiring too many employees because of miscalculated revenues & underestimated cost of hiring. Rather start with just one or two and then add as your needs increase.
  2. Taking on board someone just because you known them —family, friends, wife. They’d expect different treatment
  3. Hiring a jack-of-all-trades instead of specialists for a particular job. Startups need specialists in specific roles
  4. Not having clarity on what you are hiring for. Startups should clearly define roles for new hires.
  5. Not knowing if you are looking for a follower or a leader. Every business needs a mix of both
  6. Giving someone equity just because you cannot pay a hefty salary. Then you get a partner not an employee
  7. Not taking reference checks seriously. Do not just go by the candidate’s resume
  8. Hiring just to help someone out.
  9. Hiring to create bench strength. Big companies can afford that. You need to create a high performance team
  10. Emphasizing too much on cost per hire rather than on quality of hire.

If you have any more to add to this list, please share in the comments.

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